Criminal Records Expungement

The consequences of a criminal conviction can go well beyond jail time and fines. A criminal conviction in the public record can affect your future in ways you may not even realize, from job eligibility to foreign travel to negative effects on your credit rating. If you have a criminal conviction on your record and are looking for a clean slate, call us today to determine whether you qualify for an expungement of your criminal record.

Expungement: What Is It and Do I Qualify?: The Law Office of J. Clay McCaslin offers legal services to clients in need of criminal record expungement. Contact our Portland law office online or call 503-239-1910 to schedule a consultation.

How to Seal a Criminal Record in Oregon

While it may appear that getting an expungement is a relatively straightforward process at first, even a small error in your petition may result in the court denying your request for an expungement. The best way to ensure compliance with the requirements of Oregon law is to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney.

At the Law Office of J. Clay McCaslin, we will assess your criminal record history and help you determine whether you are eligible for expungement of your criminal conviction(s) under Oregon law. If you do qualify, we will work with you to compile the necessary documentation, including:

  • Records from law enforcement
  • Records from probation officers
  • All related court records

Contact Our Oregon Expungement Attorney to Discuss Clearing Your Criminal Record

A criminal conviction on your record can have a seriously negative impact on many areas of your life. Expungement of your criminal record may be a viable option for you — particularly if you have only one conviction on your record or if many years have passed since your conviction. We are here to help; if you are interested in more information regarding an expungement of your criminal record, contact attorney J. Clay McCaslin online or call 503-239-1910 to schedule a consultation.